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TransactionWatch – Week of September 27th – October 1st

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This year to date has been packed with M&A deals in the payments space as the world gradually continues to bounce back from the economic impact of Covid-19. As we head into the fourth quarter of 2021, we can likely expect to see a steady, and potentially higher, flow of M&A announcements as payment firms continue to find market opportunities. As consolidation amongst entities in the merchant acquiring industry continues to evolve and take place, this year has witnessed significant attention to providers in Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) and open banking platforms. A few recent notable transactions to date include Square’s $29 billion acquisition of Afterpay, PayPal’s $2.7 billion deal with Paidy, and Visa’s acquisition of Tink for $2.15 billion.

Moreover, this week Epicor announced their agreement to acquire CBC Computer Systems, accompanied with its Décor Fusion POS platform geared towards paint and decorating retailers. As part of this transaction, Epicor plans to offer the specialized POS solution through their existing Retails solution. Serving more than 1,350 retailers, CBC Computer Systems’ Décor Fusion POS platform allows Epicor to expand further into new market verticals as well as enabling them to cross-sell existing products and services.