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TransactionWatch – Week of September 5th – September 9th

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M&A activity continues to make strides this past week with several new deal announcements. To kick things off, Aurora Payments announced yesterday their acquisition of One Payment, a Florida-based ISO. One Payment processes over $1 billion in annual volume across more than 6,000 SMB merchants. This acquisition largely increases Aurora’s market presence and further expands their distribution network, particularly across the east coast. With this acquisition, Aurora now serves over 27,000 merchants that collectively process $12 billion in annual volume. Separately, Fleetcor announced this week their acquisition of Plugsurfing, an ISV platform catered towards EV charge point operators and fleet cars across Europe. This acquisition supports Fleetcor’s commitment towards supporting EV solutions as this market sector continues to grow across the region. This deal follows Fleetcor’s recent acquisition of the AP automation platform Accrualify, which was announced just last month.

In other M&A news, Briq announced their acquisition of Swipez, an India-based billing management platform. This deal further builds out Briq’s automated billing and accounts receivable capabilities to better serve their target market of the construction industry.