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Trustly launches Instant Payouts in the US

The Paypers

Online Banking Payments provider Trustly has launched Instant Payouts in the United States, in partnership with Cross River Bank.

Trustly’s technology platform enables US businesses to provide their US customers with near-instant payouts to their bank accounts. Trustly has been offering Instant Payouts to businesses in Europe for more than a decade, and now the company is extending its offering into the US, made possible by its relationship with Cross River, an early participant in the RTP network, a new real-time payments rail built by The Clearing House. Cross River’s API-based platform connects directly to the network and provides backend technology to support advanced capabilities and enhancements for its partners. Businesses using Trustly’s Instant Payouts can fund payments directly with Cross River and the bank will send RTP payments on behalf of these businesses to their customer’s bank accounts at other RTP participants.

For businesses, Trustly’s Instant Payouts can drive increased satisfaction and retention among their customers, and enable funding of payments via the product’s 24/7/365 withdrawal system. The product will now be available for US businesses such as trading companies, insurance companies, sportsbooks, and marketplace providers that want to offer disbursements instantly to their customers’ bank accounts through RTP payments sent by Cross River Bank on behalf of the businesses.