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TSG Announces 2020 Top Performing Payment Gateways

The Strawhecker Group (TSG) is pleased to recognize a selection of payment gateways for their exceptional performance across several key areas, critical to a successful payment platform. Read the press release.

Powered by TSG’s Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM) platform, GEM uses pings and real transactions to monitor each gateway’s performance from over 20 different global locations 24/7/365. All transaction metrics are calculated by utilizing real TSG cards, at real TSG merchants, to complete transactions.

Performance data was assessed across more than twenty industry leading payments providers for six consecutive months (January to June 2020) to determine the Real Transaction Metrics Awards. See below for the winners, as well as runners-ups in each category.

Best Performing Gateway – Worldpay from FIS (U.S. eCom Platform)

  • The Best Performing Gateway award is based on the GEM Index, an overall scorecard for gateway metrics based on five key areas (gateway minute outage, gateway uptime, transaction speed, transaction success rate, and authorization rate). Worldpay from FIS’s U.S. eCom Platform received this award due to their exceptional performance across transaction and gateway check benchmarks.
  • Runner-Ups: Elavon (Fusebox) / Worldpay from FIS (Express)

Highest Authorization Rate – Authorize.Net (A Visa Solution)

  • GEM tracks the percentage of authorization failures a gateway experiences each day that are unrelated to the issuer, network, or cardholder. Authorize.Net received this award for having the highest rate of successful authorizations.
  • Runner-Ups: Fluid Pay / Worldpay from FIS (U.S. eCom Platform)

Fastest Transactions – Elavon (Fusebox)

  • GEM measures the time it takes for a transaction authorization to complete using a real signature debit card, just as a consumer would experience at the merchant. Elavon’s Fusebox received this award for having the fastest average transaction speed.
  • Runner-Ups: Worldpay from FIS (Express) / Worldpay from FIS (U.S. eCom Platform)

Gateway Uptime – Worldpay from FIS (U.S. eCom Platform)

  • GEM pings gateways every minute from over 20 different global locations (31,680 pings a day per gateway) to uncover uptime issues. Worldpay from FIS’s U.S. eCom Platform received this award due to having the highest uptime percentage.
  • Runner-Ups: Fortis (formerly EpicPay) / Authorize.Net (A Visa Solution)

Gateway Minute Outage – Cybersource (A Visa Solution) / Worldpay from FIS (U.S. eCom Platform)

  • In addition to Gateway Uptime, GEM uses pings at multiple locations to determine minute outages. If at least 33% of location checks fail at the same time, an outage is recorded. Cybersource and Worldpay from FIS’s U.S. eCom Platform received this award due to having the fewest minute outages.
  • Runner-Up: Clearent

TSG’s GEM platform annually honors leading payment providers. Past winners have included companies such as BluePay (Fiserv), Braintree (A PayPal Company), Square, and Shopify.

Companies and/or products considered for any TSG awards may or may not include clients of TSG and does not necessarily represent all companies or products in the market. This analysis is based upon information we consider reliable, but its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. Information provided is not all inclusive. All information listed is as available from January 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020. The Strawhecker Group (TSG) is not and/or may not be endorsed, sponsored by, or in any other way affiliated with the any companies or their logos illustrated in this presentation. The trademarks shown are registered and their own. This document has not been prepared by any entity displayed.

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