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TSG Announces 2024 Top Performing Payment Gateway APIs 

2024 Api Best Of Breed Awards Banner

Recognized companies include Adyen, CSG Forte, JPMorgan Chase, North American Bancard, and Square 

TSG (The Strawhecker Group), a globally recognized analytics, intelligence, and solutions-focused firm in the payments industry, is pleased to recognize a selection of payments companies for their exceptional API offerings. 

The annual API Best of Breed Report, powered by TSG’s Global Experience Monitoring (GEM) platform, ranks payment gateways’ overall API experience across two components, API Set and Developer Roadmap, to provide insights, benchmarks, and recommendations for their developer integration experience. The assessment reveals how developers, both novice and experienced, perceive APIs externally.

Al Novacek, Senior Director of Product Operations, explains, “Developer decisions are influenced by the path of least resistance, and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of API sets relative to the market gives an advantage when addressing points of friction and roadblocks.” 

TSG can evaluate, benchmark, and help improve your gateway performance. Payments companies that use GEM to monitor and improve this process can increase customer retention by 5% or more. For more information about TSG and the GEM platform, please contact us or call 1-833-690-1301.

See below for the winners and runners-up:

API Best of Breed Awards

Overall API Assessment
2024 Api Best Of Breed Awards Badges 01

Winner: Adyen
Adyen received this award based on its outstanding aggregate score in both the API Set and Developer Roadmap assessments. Adyen’s API stands out for its exceptional functionality, comprehensive documentation, and user-friendly tools, which empower developers to integrate seamlessly without requiring extensive technical assistance.

Runner-Up: Square


2024 Api Best Of Breed Awards Badges 02

Winner: CSG Forte
CSG Forte is receiving this award for its exceptional API Set, which encompasses API specifications, event handling, and guides and guidance specifications. The platform sets itself apart by offering APIs that create a user-friendly experience for developers utilizing their documentation. 

Runner-Up: Elavon (Converge)

API Set: Developer Tools

2024 Api Best Of Breed Awards Badges 03

Winner: North American Bancard
North American Bancard (NAB) has been honored with this award due to the quality and depth of its development infrastructure and supporting tools and services. The deep functionality of the API core and the wide variety of hardware options with common SDKs give developers great flexibility in product development. 

Runners-Up: Fortis / Worldpay (U.S. eCom Platform)

Developer Roadmap

2024 Api Best Of Breed Awards Badges 04

Winner: Square
Square is receiving this award for its outstanding achievement in minimizing obstacles for commercial developers across three critical areas: API usability, modern integration, and feature functionality. 

Runner-Up: Adyen

Developer Roadmap: Flexibility

2024 Api Best Of Breed Awards Badges 11

Winner: JPMorgan Chase
JPMorgan Chase (Commerce Platform) is receiving this award for its customization options and flexibility of developer integration. Deep functionality available through broad API controls allows for very customized product development.  

Runners-Up: Adyen / North American Bancard

Companies and/or products considered for any TSG awards may or may not include clients of TSG and do not necessarily represent all companies or products in the market. This analysis is based upon information we consider reliable, but its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. Information provided is not all-inclusive. All information listed is as available from May 2024. TSG is not and/or may not be endorsed, sponsored by, or in any other way affiliated with any companies or their logos illustrated. The trademarks shown are registered and their own. This document has not been prepared by any entity displayed.