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TSG Annual Letter

The $58 Trillion Pie 05
A note from TSG on the fog of disruption in the payments acceptance market and updates on where our company is going

In an industry as rapidly changing as payments, there is always dust in the air. The proliferation of the smartphone, the changing regulatory environment, software continuing to ‘eat the world’ – there is a lot to consider. 

Since we launched TSG in 2006, our vision has been to help payments companies navigate through the uncertainty; to provide clarity to the complex. We have been trusted by the world’s foremost payments companies and over 70,000 payments professionals across our channels because the genesis of our solutions are actual challenges our partners faced: 

  • Consulting was born out a request to benchmark processing contracts. 
  • Merchant attrition rates were questioned, so we developed AIM 
  • Transaction performance speeds at one point were assumptions. GEM benchmarked them. 

These solutions, backed by our payments experts with experience from companies like Global Payments, JPMorgan Chase & Co., PayPal, Bank of America, Fiserv, Mastercard, and Google, have helped our partners outperform the market by 6% each of the last four years. 

As the payments ecosystem continues its evolution (or some might say revolution), our goal is to provide our clients with agnostic and unvarnished insights that they otherwise cannot get – but that they need – to be market leaders.  

Please reach out to share your thoughts with us. In the meantime, the following are updates on payment acceptance market trends and what is happening at TSG. Read our letter

Thank you,  

Kurt Strawhecker & Mike Strawhecker 

TSG (The Strawhecker Group) 

If you don’t have the agnostic, straightforward perspective from payments experts backed by data that you need, maybe we can help.

Think of TSG as an additional person on staff, your market research arm, or your specialized advisor. Give us a call at 1-833-690-1301 or contact us today.