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TSG Commentary on EMV - Anecdotes from Around the Country

TSG Associates were trying to use their chip cards around the country over the last week – here are some of their experiences:


  • “The first dip I had was at a small liquor store in Estes Park over the weekend and then Home Depot today. I wonder if liquor stores are more concerned with fraud?”
  • “My local drycleaner was under the impression that EMV was a government enforced law.”


  • Sign posted at a local vitamin shop: “Until our equipment is able to take chip cards, all credit card transactions over $25.00, will require a photo ID” “All transactions over $250.00, will require address verification”
  • “Just had my first dip of a chip at Home Depot – they just went live and the clerk was very well informed of the process and Oct. 1 date, etc.”

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