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TSG Launches Branding Initiative Focused on Specialized Solutions for the Payments Industry

The Strawhecker Group (TSG), the leading consultancy specializing in payment acceptance, announced today the launch of its new branding initiative through a series of taglines embodying the focus of each business segment within the firm. Read the press release.

Reflecting TSG’s overall brand tagline, Payments Experts. Powerful Data., the initiative highlights the prowess of each business segment, from understanding client pain points, to the ability to be nimble and provide high-quality output when a client needs it.

“The Payments Industry has advanced dramatically over the last ten years. In the last six months, the speed of change has ramped-up due to consumer spending and merchant acceptance shifts,” says Mike Strawhecker, President of TSG. “TSG is committed to providing its clients with industry leading consulting and analytics during these times.”

Continue reading to learn about each tagline and the associated business segment.

  • Your Analytics. Now.
    • This tagline embodies TSG’s Acquiring Industry Metrics (AIM) platform, which is the most trusted, timely and largest platform for merchant acquiring data. AIM contains metrics from nearly four million card-accepting merchants, which is regularly used for go-to-market pricing, merchant retention, vertical strategy, and comparing KPIs.
    • Recent Highlight: Using a combination of merchant acquiring and economic data, AIM members were provided a report focused on the “snapback potential” of all fifty U.S. states as they deal with COVID-19. South Dakota was rated with the highest snapback potential, while Hawaii was the lowest. A public whitepaper may be downloaded here.
  • Your Performance. Now.
    • This tagline reflects TSG’s Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM) platform, which provides a unique look into the merchant, developer and payment gateway performance perspectives to help management and technical staff use information daily to monitor and improve performance versus the market. GEM is utilized by over twenty payment gateways worldwide.
    • Recent Highlight: GEM provides gateways with third-party credibility and allows them to market their performance publicly to prospects and current clients. Most recently TSG honored Worldpay from FIS, Authorize.Net, Elavon, and Cybersource in its annual Real Transaction Metrics Awards.
  • Your Research. Now.
    • This tagline exemplifies TSG’s Market Intelligence team, which strives to provide clients with the support needed to guide decision-making, increase profits, and accelerate growth. In the last few years, the Market Intelligence team has completed more than 150 analyses on the global payments landscape, uncovering hundreds of thousands of data points.
    • Recent Highlight: The team recently partnered with the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) to conduct a survey of small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) and understand how COVID-19 has impacted operations and payments acceptance. One finding shows that most SMBs that utilize eCommerce have seen an increase of eCommerce/online sales of more than ten percent.
  • Your Strategy. Now.
    • This tagline highlights TSG’s Management Consulting services, which has provided strategic guidance for over forty of the top fifty merchant acquirers, including nine of the top ten. Recently, the firm has been focused on boosting its services for private equity, software, and technology companies with payment monetization strategies, M&A guidance, and B2B tactics, to name a few.
    • Recent Highlight: COVID-19 has had a direct impact on valuations and M&A multiples. As such, TSG’s Buy/Sell team prepared an infographic to highlight the factors that determine a multiple, how the pandemic has impacted them, and what a firm can do right now.

“This initiative represents more than a marketing campaign; rather, the taglines illustrate who TSG and its team members are and what they believe in,” says Andrew Nuss, TSG’s Director of Marketing. “It’s an important distinction that separates us from other players in the industry.”

TSG Can Help. Now.

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