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TSG Releases New eReport - Bitcoin and Virtual Currency: Hype or Necessity?

What is this report?
Despite an explosion in media coverage, virtual currencies such as Bitcoin are misunderstood. So what is it? This 43-page report reviews the mechanics of the currency and offers some thoughts on its characteristics and future applications. The report also provides detailed information around the current state of Bitcoin including merchant acceptance figures.

The second half of the report provides a deeper analysis on how Bitcoin compares to the current payments infrastructure, niche payment opportunities where Bitcoin can be leveraged and recommendations for payment players concerning the evolving virtual currency ecosystem and how they can prepare for the rapidly changing virtual currency market.

Why is this useful?
This report will provide newcomers and industry veterans, across the merchant industry and payments landscape, with analysis on the evolution of virtual currency and Bitcoin. The report is an exceptional tool for reference purposes on the Bitcoin payments ecosystem, how the currency is operated, and the advantages and disadvantages associated with Bitcoin. The report also provides analyses on how the evolving virtual currencies market may impact the payments and merchant environment.

How can it be purchased?
To order online with a credit card, please click here. The report is $595.

TSG eReport PREVIEW – Bitcoin and Virtual Currency – Hype or Necessity