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Valuation and Assessment Services

Do you know your value? TSG takes a “bottom-up” approach analyzing the minutia of every merchant in the portfolio to accurately access its value.

“Utilizing TSG was the key first step in going to market with our company. TSG’s detailed approach to valuing and assessing Main Street Softworks prepared us for the rigors of due diligence.”

Darryl Wright / CEO, Monetra

Case Study: Appraising Market Value & Beyond

TSG helped an ISO understand their market position and growth potential.

Valuation Support

TSG has performed more valuations of payments companies than any other firm, having completed more than 250 valuations in the last decade including:

  • Acquiring Enterprises
  • Payment Technology Companies
  • Fintech Organizations
  • Payment Gateways
  • ISO Portfolios

Additionally, TSG has provided transaction support to firms that have ranged in scale from $1M to $10B+ in transaction assessed value.

Synthetic Portfolio Benchmark

Using a synthetic benchmark, clients can determine the relative performance of a portfolio vs. an identical synthetically derived benchmark comparison to precisely understand the relative strengths/weaknesses.

Enterprise Value Drivers – Technology

Historically, the recognized payment technology value has varied significantly, and without comprehensive payment platform knowledge, can be misunderstood or miss-calculated.


Applications and Components


  • Strategy Planning
  • Debt Financing
  • Buy/Sell-Side and Divestitures
  • Recapitalization
  • Third-party Agreements Review and Business Component Assessment
  • Operational and Risk Assessment

Common Component Options

  • Portfolio Benchmarking
  • Technology and Product Offerings Evaluation
  • Technology Infrastructure and Data Security Review
  • Sales Channel Review
  • Requirements to Reach Scale in a Growth Modeling Evaluation