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VARs, ISVs Look Toward the Future at Inspire 2022

The conference scene is alive and well again, kicking off last month with RSPA’s Inspire 2022 event, which took place in Clearwater Beach, Florida. The show was well attended by nearly 200 VARs, ISVs, ISOs, processors, and equipment leaders. Attendance was comparable to past Inspire events, despite COVID headwinds, proving that industry players are looking to move forward. The Strawhecker Group (TSG), a proud partner of RSPA, attended the event to learn about what the future holds for software and payments. Senior Associate, Chuck Fillinger, attended several sessions and noted some key topics and trends.

ISV Challenges and Opportunities

This panel discussed the challenges and impact of the pandemic and how it has created opportunities to adjust and grow business. Learning to look through the lens of the customer is more critical than ever, i.e., providing more mobile solutions, utilizing CRM tools to improve communications, etc. It’s essential to make data-driven decisions, use social media to increase visibility, and embrace employee needs through incentives and flexibility.

2022 And Beyond: ISV Sales and Customer Strategies 

The key themes in this session were focused on continuing to evolve and diversifying revenue streams through collaboration. Antiquated sales models need to be revisited and reimagined, such as methods of virtual selling, focusing on customer retention, and better understanding how to uncover the secrets of customer loyalty. 

How to Win in New Niche Markets (such as Cannabis)

This session highlighted the importance of monitoring fast-growing niche markets for payments acceptance. Cannabis, auto accessory, laundromats, firearms, and liquor verticals were highlighted. The market must understand the unique needs of these niche markets to serve them better. 

Customer Experience: Ride or Die

This presentation centered around pivoting business practices to establish a customer service experience. To increase customer retention, having a better understanding of customers through hands-on service is key to growing the business. Of course, by leveraging technology, the customer experience can span beyond the walls of traditional business to enhance communication with customers.

Supporting Software Companies

The future is taking shape, and growth strategies have evolved. TSG is at the forefront of helping VARs/ISVs and payments providers inform decisions with intelligence, data, and expertise to drive revenue.
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Are you a software provider?

As a software company, payments may be becoming part of your daily vernacular. TSG can support you on your journey into the payments ecosystem. Our case studies demonstrate the payments monetization process, which has helped create millions of dollars of new recurring revenue.

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The ISV Mindset | CASE STUDY

  • TSG conducted a market review and investigative case study to understand the ISV mindset when implementing a payments monetization strategy and selecting an integrated payment provider.
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ETA/TSG: The Future of Payments is Integrated | INFOGRAPHIC

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