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Venmo Launches Limited Pilot of New Tools for Sole Proprietors with the Introduction of Business Profiles


More than 75% of small businesses in the U.S. are sole proprietors, and the current environment is creating significant new challenges for them. For these individuals, we know how hard it can be to connect, market and grow their businesses, relying solely on traditional methods like word of mouth without access to big marketing budgets.

Venmo was designed to be a place where friends and family can send, split and share purchases and experiences. Venmo is now introducing a very limited pilot to extend that experience to allow sellers to access the benefits of Venmo’s platform through Business Profiles.

Piloting to a limited number of users today, Business Profiles allows sole proprietors, casual sellers, and users with a side hustle to create an additional Venmo profile to accept payments for goods and services. Whether you’re an artist, selling homemade planters at a craft fair, serving up one-of-a-kind haircuts, selling floral arrangements or mowing lawns, you can now leverage the power of Venmo’s community of more than 52 million users to generate interest, referrals and awareness for your business.