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Vertical Strategy

Is your ISV strategy keeping you up at night? Go-to-market and sales strategies continue to evolve and are more competitive than ever. TSG has the tools to help your company plan and execute.

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Vertical Strategy Playbook

Payment service providers looking to build a successful independent software vendor (ISV) strategy all have the same questions. What constitutes an attractive ISV industry? Which ISV industries meet that definition? Which ISVs serving those industries should I pursue? TSG’s vertical strategy process will answer those questions.

Attractive Verticals

Find the best vertical. TSG leverages its AIM platform to identify top-performing verticals based on criteria that is important to the client. This data identifies custom, granular verticals based on metrics like net processing revenue and gross volume attrition.

ISV List Curation

Find ISVs in the chosen vertical. TSG leverages its institutional insights and various research techniques, such as interviewing and/or analyzing merchant stakeholders within target verticals to create a curated list of material market players within the target vertical.

Playbook Creation

Use data to succeed in the chosen verticals. TSG’s Playbook includes a detailed target list, plus a strategic analysis on the vertical with features such as merchant market size and growth, long-tail concentration analysis, competitive view of the acquiring landscape, and much more.


I’m a believer in TSG’s vertical strategy process. They provided me with a target list and it quickly paid for itself.

VP at Top 5 U.S. Merchant Acquirer