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VizyPay Carves Out a Niche catering to Rural America

Payments Dive

Cliff Gray, a senior associate with industry consulting firm The Strawhecker Group, said focusing on simple technology for small businesses is “a spot-on strategy.” Square and big processor Fiserv’s Clover have great functionality, “but for most basic, little bodega stores, small mom-and-pop retail, it’s way overkill,” Gray said.

VizyPay also knows how to talk to business owners, Gray added. “Vernacular matters, when you talk to the merchant,” he said.

About 95% of VizyPay’s employees are from outside the payments industry, Mac Nab said. Also, more than half are minorities and 30% are women. “You can’t disrupt the industry if you hire the same people that have been running it for two decades,” he said.