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Want to Pay Cash? That’ll Cost You Extra

The Wall Street Journal

When Noa Khamallah recently tried to pay cash for popcorn and soda at Yankee Stadium, his almighty dollars struck out.

The stadium’s concession stands no longer take cash. An employee directed him to a kiosk that could convert his greenbacks into plastic. Khamallah, 41 years old, fed $200 into the reverse ATM, which subtracted a $3.50 fee and spat out a debit card with a balance of $196.50.

Paying for anything in New York is expensive already, said Khamallah, who lives in the city. “If you add on top of that extra fees for being able to pay for food, that’s not right,” he said.

Paying with cash used to be a way to get a discount. These days it can often cost an extra $1 to $6—the sort of transaction fees once limited to swiping a credit card or using an out-of-network ATM.

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