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What’s “In-Store” For Payments In 2017?

Commentary by Jared Drieling, Business Intelligence Manager

As seen in ETA’s Details newsletter

The world around us has become increasingly connected, and as such purchasing behaviors of consumers are evolving as well as the tactics merchants are pursuing to take advantage of this reality. For consumers, merchants and payment providers, the need is clear: a frictionless, efficient and pay anywhere, anytime platform. Unfortunately, for many incumbents with legacy technology, supporting digital and physical payments across multiple channels was a key hurdle in 2016. More so, the transition to EMV distracted attention and resources to developing innovative products that could tackle some of these pressing issues. As the industry struggled with EMV and faced legacy technological challenges, emerging players without legacy technology, such as WePay and Adyen, continued to take the market by storm and increasingly found themselves on the radars of many large acquiring entities.

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