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ISVs – More Than Meets the Eye

ISVs – More Than Meets the Eye

TSG and ETA have developed a brief overview on Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs). Click here to download.

What are ISVs?
An Integrated Software Vendor (ISV) is a company that provides software solutions that aid in managing different functions of a business operation. Generally, ISVs specialize their solution to a specific merchant vertical often times at a granular level.

Why are ISVs Important to Payments?
ISVs integrate, or are primed to integrate payments features into their software. These vendors offer payments companies a complementary solution and open up a new merchant sales channel. The ISV Channel is often characterized by high merchant retention rates, due to the integral role a multi-functional software system provides

Interested in ISV Research?
TSG has completed research on approximately 1,000 different ISV companies spanning a dozen verticals. Email or call 402-964-2617 to learn more today!

2020 Case Study: The ISV Mindset
TSG conducted a market review and investigative case study to understand the ISV mindset when implementing a payments monetization strategy and selecting an integrated payment provider. TSG’s study covers the important factors at play during the decision-making process.

The paper also takes a detailed look at the ISV payment trends developing in the payments industry today, providing essential education to understanding the nuances of payment monetization. 

Click here to download.