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Now Available - The U.S. Merchant Category Encyclopedia

Today, TSG is releasing another new eReport – The U.S. Merchant Category Encyclopedia! Focused on 37 major U.S. merchant categories, the report serves as a directory in understanding the dynamics of each category, the payments players that focus on each category, and an analysis on the attractiveness of the category from an industry and acquiring perspective.

The first half of the report is a briefing on the U.S. macroeconomic landscape which identifies key government economic indicators and the implications for merchants through 2016. This part of the report also provides a snapshot of the concentration makeup of the U.S. merchant landscape and breaks down U.S. merchant categories by region, industry type and merchant size.

The latter half of the report identifies 37 major U.S. merchant NAICS categories and provides detailed information on each category such as dollar volume growth, transaction growth, market share by payment tool, growth in establishments, sales per establishment, establishment concentration, by state, sales concentration by state, total industry sales estimate, producer price index, employment and a look at the top payments players that focus on that specific merchant category. Each category receives an industry attractiveness ranking and an acquiring attractiveness ranking.

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