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The Crypto System Infographic

Unless you have been living under a rock you’ve likely seen hundreds of articles each week about Bitcoin’s continuous roller-coaster, blockchain technology and companies that are trying to make use of it, and dozens of other high-profile cryptocurrencies.

To break it all down, TSG is releasing a high-level infographic called The Crypto System – Blockchain & Bitcoin. This visual aims to provide readers with a quick reference guide of facts while the hype continues into 2018. Please share with your colleagues and friends!

Click to download.

Infographic Highlights:

  • Defines Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin
  • Illustrates a transaction from start to finish
  • Presents a market snapshot of the leading cryptocurrencies
  • Compares crypto values vs large payment corporations
  • Highlights Bitcoin’s growth and the ‘Bubble’ effect
  • Covers uses of blockchain technology
  • Looks at Bitcoin and the Payments industry