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The Strawhecker Group Announces Payment Gateway Winners for Annual ‘Developer/API Awards’

The Strawhecker Group (TSG) is pleased to announce its payment gateway winners for its annual ‘Developer/API Awards’. Read the press release.

Powered by TSG’s Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM) platform*, the firm is recognizing the following Payment Gateways due to their excellent API performance from a merchant’s and developer’s perspective. TSG assessed and integrated with many of the industry’s leading gateways to determine the winners in each category.

Overall API Assessment – Worldpay (VAP)

  • TSG evaluates payment gateway’s total API offering for payment industry functionality and feasibility. Worldpay’s VAP gateway is receiving this award due to their aggregate score across the subsets of APIs, response codes, and versioning.
  • Runner-Ups: CyberSource, a Visa payment management platform / Stripe

APIs Offered – Worldpay (Express) / Stripe

  • TSG evaluates a gateway’s documentation for offering of competitive and standard APIs. Worldpay’s Express gateway and Stripe are receiving this award due to their competitive APIs offered, and descriptive and logical formatting.
  • Runner-Ups: Authorize.Net, a Visa payment management platform / Elavon (Converge)

API Response Codes – Braintree

  • TSG evaluates a gateway’s documentation for response codes that are self-explanatory of the issue(s) presented and provides detail that gives a developer an easy resolution. Braintree is receiving this award due to their excellent response codes that are descriptive, self-explanatory, and categorized appropriately.
  • Runner-Up: Fortis (formerly EpicPay)

API Integration – Authorize.Net, a Visa payment management platform

  • TSG evaluates and delivers an assessment of API set, Developer Tools, sandbox/emulator by conducting an integration of a gateway onto the GEM platform. Authorize.Net is receiving this award due to their thorough documentation, robust test environment, quick implementation, and the lack of a complex certification process.
  • Runner-Ups: Elavon (Converge) / Fortis (formerly EpicPay)

Account Boarding Ease – Fortis (formerly EpicPay)

  • TSG tracks and benchmarks access, documentation, ease of integration, test merchant account setup, certification, trouble shooting, and production launch. Fortis is receiving this award due to timely access to the sandbox, quick setup of a test merchant account, and the overall speed of getting to production without a need for troubleshooting.
  • Runner-Ups: BluePay / Fluid Pay

*GEM is the only tool in the market that benchmarks from the merchant, developer and gateway performance perspective. Current subscribers account for an estimated 55% of all payment gateway volume in the U.S. Learn more about GEM.

Companies and/or products considered for any TSG awards may or may not include clients of TSG and does not necessarily represent all companies or products in the market. This analysis is based upon information we consider reliable, but its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. Information provided is not all inclusive. All information listed is as available. The Strawhecker Group (TSG) is not and/or may not be endorsed, sponsored by, or in any other way affiliated with the any companies or their logos illustrated in this presentation. The trademarks shown are registered and their own. This document has not been prepared by any entity displayed.