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TSG Analysis: Which States Drink More on St. Paddy's?

OMAHA, Neb., March 17, 2015 – According to consultancy The Strawhecker Group, South Dakotans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day more than most, as their foot traffic at bars increased by 37% in March 2014 over February, leading the nation. Washington DC’s foot traffic actually decreased in March over February by 7%. The national average was a 14% increase in foot traffic at bars in March. Virginia (35%), Maine (28%), West Virginia (26%), Delaware (25%), and Kansas (25%) rounded out the top five. The bottom five states after Washington DC were Hawaii (-1%), Mississippi (-1%), Vermont (-1%), Minnesota (4%), and Utah (4%).

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 11% of the United States is of Irish decent. But when St. Patrick’s Day comes around, it seems the whole country becomes Irish. There’s something about this Irish holiday that makes people want to claim a piece of it.

Americans will get into the swing of things by spending as much as $5 billion to celebrate the wearin’ of the green on St. Patrick’s Day. More than 127 million people across the country typically celebrate the traditional Irish holiday and spend on festive food and beer on March 17th. Clearly, the most popular way to commemorate St. Paddy’s Day is at a bar.

The data is sourced from TSG’s consumer spending database of 2.7 million merchants which includes over 5,000 bars, taverns, cocktail lounges and nightclubs across the country.


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