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TSG Exclusive Interview with CardConnect's CEO, Jeff Shanahan

On July 29th, 2016, CardConnect announced the completed merger with Fintech Acquisition Corp. CardConnect is an innovative and growing payment technology company, providing payment solutions to more than 65,000 large enterprises and small to medium sized businesses. In 2015, CardConnect had $21 billion in annual processing volume with 256 million processed transactions. With the closing of the deal, CardConnect became a wholly-owned subsidiary of FinTech Acquisition Corp., and FinTech has been renamed CardConnect Corp. With that said, the CardConnect common stock started trading on August 1, 2016 on the NASDAQ under the symbol “CCN”.

Recently, several members of The Strawhecker Group (including TSG’s co-founder Kurt Strawhecker, Senior Associate Ray Sobczyk and Business Intelligence Manager Jared Drieling) sat down with CardConnect CEO Jeff Shanahan to understand how going public will impact CardConnect and what payment opportunities the company will put on its sights going forward. After all, one of the main reasons fast-growing companies go public is to fund further expansion.

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