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TSG in Digital Transactions - After Striking VeriFone, the U.S. EMV Revenue Bug Hits Ingenico

Jared Drieling, business intelligence manager at Omaha, Neb.-based merchant-acquiring consultancy The Strawhecker Group, says the stocks of both Ingenico and VeriFone started rising in anticipation of the card networks’ October 2015 U.S. point-of-sale EMV liability shift. But beyond EMV hardware sales, neither company has yet realized its full revenue potential in related services, he says, in part because of the certification delays, he says.

But beyond EMV, both companies, despite acquisitions and new services in the pipeline, still trail other acquiring-industry firms that are bringing software-based payment systems to merchants, systems that often use tablet computers coupled with specialized apps, he says. Examples include processor First Data Corp.s’ Clover line and new systems from Poynt Co., according to Drieling.

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