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What Makes Public Payments Companies Attractive?

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Throughout recessionary phases in the economy, certain verticals have fared better than others due to the elasticity of the product. One such industry that fits this mold is the Payments industry, which is poised to revisit the investment and M&A activity of 2019 shortly before the pandemic.

What makes public payments companies attractive? →

This free mini-report, an excerpt from TSG’s new Public Payment Companies eReport, covers some of the critical attractiveness factors at play in our industry.

The complete eReport covers an overview of noteworthy payments M&A activity, an analysis of the strengths of payment companies from an investment perspective, and an analysis of financial/stock performance of select notable public payment entities. Learn more at tsgshop; current eReports subscribers can login to access.

The TSG Valuation Approach

TSG takes a “bottom-up” approach to valuations, analyzing the minutia of every merchant in the portfolio to accurately access its value. We can help.

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